Debt settlement loan – matching offer – low monthly installments

Debt compensation can be done quickly and easily, or it can be like an odyssey. Each individual case is different.

In the text, we will discuss the problem cases and solutions for you. In addition, we provide you with a strong partner through the comparison software.

For fast readers – key points

  • Each individual case requires differentiated solutions
  • You can use the comparison software to check for yourself which loan offers fit your individual case
  • Please make your credit application now – without obligation
  • The software uses your data in real time to get the right credit

Debt Settlement Credit – Introduction

Debt Compensation Loan – Debt Restructuring

Almost 10 percent of adults in Germany have such high debts that they can not be cleared without outside help. A pretty scary number, considering that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that the number of debtors keeps increasing.

One of the causes of this is our consumer society and the opportunities that result. Not only that there are goods available on every corner, of which we only need a very small part to be able to live and work properly.

It is also bad that these goods can be easily financed, because everywhere you can find credit offers that make this possible. Considering then that hardly anyone can rest in a secure workplace with a secure income, everyone should understand why so many consumers are in debt or even over-indebted.

Debt Balancing Debt – Fighting Debts

Debt Balancing Debt - Fighting Debts

An escape from the debt succeeds only if they are recognized and combated in time. Many consumers try to get the debt under control with the aid of installment payments agreements with the creditors.

However, this succeeds in most cases, not because the creditors want to have their money as soon as possible, therefore, no small installments allow and also like once ordinary default interest on the outstanding amounts. Those who then have more creditors, the high sum that would have to be applied in a installment payment agreement, usually can not cope.

For this reason, this path should not be taken, because it only costs a lot of time and nerves. It is better to think in good time about a loan for debt settlement.

This is available in the form of an installment loan whenever the creditworthiness of the borrower allows for borrowing.

When does the credit fit?

When does the credit fit?

The creditworthiness of a debt-equalization loan always fits when there is a fixed income and a positive shape. Since debt can quickly be negatively reflected in the private credit, it is important that the debt-equalization loan be swiftly absorbed so as not to unnecessarily complicate borrowing.

We recommend that you become active at the first sign of over-indebtedness. It is important that there are still no payment defaults and the creditors have not yet applied for a reminder or enforcement order.

Once this has happened, the chances of a good loan are very bad.

Step by step – Credit for Debt Settlement

For the inclusion of the debt equalization loan, it is important that the total debt is determined. It pays to write down all creditors and ask what the outstanding debt is.

It is important that all outstanding liabilities are recorded. Even if they are very small.

Because in the end there should only be one big creditor – the bank – with whom one can then make a meaningful and realizable installment payment agreement. Once the total debt has been determined, you must look for suitable offers.

A loan calculator on the internet helps to select suitable loan offers. If the credit rating weakens a bit, it is worthwhile to consult a guarantor for borrowing.

In addition, the debt settlement loan should be chosen so that repayment can be made flexible to avoid further financial problems.


Anyone who seeks to balance their debts should, in return, refrain from making further debts. It is important that once all debt can be eliminated, so that a restart in economic terms is possible.

However, if you make debts at the same time, you can save yourself the search for a suitable loan, because it is not worth recording.