MonthJanuary 2019

Over-indebtedness: how to avoid it

In times of economic difficulty, the risk of not being able to pay the mortgage or loan installments in progress becomes more present, especially if the economic conditions of departure of those who requested the loan change or if there are more credit lines activated. In 2000, according to Federconsumatori data, over-indebted households in Italy were 0.9%; in 2012 they became 5%.

The biggest problems for consumers are related to being entrusted to several financial institutions for loans in progress and not being aware of the charges they are required to pay (for example, interest rates). The result is an increasing difficulty in payment of installments, the impossibility of repaying them in due time and the registration of delays in SIC (credit information systems). When we deal with debt collection companies, the situation can become even more complicated: the Anti-Wear Surgery has recorded a 20% increase in requests for help in 2013 compared to 2012, with a growing trend.

So how do we not get to this point? First of all it is necessary to thoroughly analyze its economic situation before considering the hypothesis of a financing : evaluating the income and the expenses allows to understand if it is sustainable the repayment of a monthly payment and of what maximum amount.

The second step, just as important, is to be carefully informed and not to trust the first offer that is found: it is therefore necessary to read the pre-contractual information and the financing contracts, verifying that all the information required by law is present.

If, on the other hand, we have already contracted loans that we are struggling to repay, we can control the margins of renegotiation of the loan with the bank. To keep track of your debt and to manage it in a sustainable manner for our finances, we can also turn to tools such as Mettinconto, which allows us to monitor our situation and analyze our creditworthiness with dedicated advice.

14,000 Euros Online Loan


 A € 14000 loan is an installment loan that is also offered online by various banks.

Online loans are usually cheaper than loans from branch banks, since direct banks consistently save costs and can offer their banking products so cheaper. Anyone interested in a € 14000 loan should make a loan comparison before borrowing.

An online loan comparison of 14000 euro loans is time-saving and can be done comfortably from home. The following three banks offer a favorable monthly installment for a 14000 Euro loan.

Although Camibank is not a purely online bank – Camibank also maintains some branches – but on the bank’s website, prospective creditors also find a loan offer for an online loan. If you decide on a loan amount of 14,000 euros and a term of 48 months, the Camibank will pay a monthly installment of 317.41 euros. The annual percentage rate for Camibank is between 4.29% and 10.99%. The interest rate on the Camibank depends on three factors. For example, the loan amount, the term and the creditworthiness of the applicant are taken into account when setting the interest. This also results in the different interest rates. If you want to use a 14000 euro loan, then you should definitely make a personal offer at the Camibank.

CreditOnline also offers loans for different loan amounts and terms. If you decide for a 14000 euro loan with this provider and you want to repay the loan within 48 months, so here monthly 317.77 euros are due. The annual interest rate for the CreditOnline loan is between 4.35% and 10.90%. Again, the interest rate is calculated depending on credit rating.

Europe Creditors Bank is the third cheapest provider in this credit comparison with a monthly installment of € 318.08. Here, too, a loan amount of 14,000 euros and a term of 48 months were used. The annual percentage rate is between 4.40% and 11.95%. The interest rates will also be assigned to Europe Creditors Bank on a credit rating basis.

The 14000 euro credit of the above banks is not earmarked and can therefore be used as desired. A loan of 14,000 euros is suitable, for example, for a car purchase, a renovation or rescheduling of another loan.

Who can apply for an online loan?

Who can apply for an online loan?

Banks target their online loan offerings primarily to employees. In order to minimize the risk of default, applicants who are in fixed employment outside the probationary period are preferred. If you want to apply for a 14000 Euro loan, you should be at least 18 years old and have your permanent residence in Germany.

A positive private credit information is also a condition for a 14000 euro loan. To prove all this, applicants must submit appropriate evidence to the bank. For the business use such a personal loan is usually not provided. Self-employed and freelancers can not take advantage of many online loan offerings because they are excluded from lending from the outset. On the other hand, workers with a sufficiently high income and impeccable private credit have a good chance of getting a loan of 14,000 euros.